GALLERY: Over 420,000 Fans Celebrated the 8th Edition of UNTOLD Festival

Press Release: UNTOLD Festival

Music can do what words cannot. The eighth edition of the UNTOLD Festival in Europe was a pure blast. For 4 days & 4 nights of magic, over 420.000 fans from all over the world joined one of the largest music festivals globally and enjoyed 250 artists, DJs, and producers. The festival in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, in Romania, broke its record of participants this year. Imagine Dragons, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren & Tale of Us amazed tens of thousands of people with their unique shows. 200 fans got the chance to stay on the mainstage with the no 1 Trance DJ, Armin van Buuren, while he was playing, and it was the best experience of their life.


One of the most anticipated moments on the mainstage was Bebe Rexha's live show, Bebe Rexha, one of the premieres offered by the creators of UNTOLD to Romania and festival fans. Nominated three times for the Grammy awards, appreciated for her strong voice and originality in music, Bebe Rexha thanked the fans for the warm welcome: “I am so far from my home, but to be here now is a joy. I love you, and I'm so happy to be together!” Bebe had an incredible interaction with fans, challenging them with a twerk contest. The artist chose two fans from the audience, whom she invited on the mainstage to dance together to the hit “Hey Mama”.

The official opening ceremony started with Alok's special show made for UNTOLD. “DJs are the last attraction of the UNTOLD festival; the biggest attraction is the fans,” said the Brazilian DJ and producer. With an energetic live set, Alok took festival fun to another level.

“UNTOLD makes the world spin, feel, and attract you like a magnet. If I didn't come to UNTOLD in a year, that would break my heart!” “Cake Me!” creator Steve Aoki told fans. The American DJ and producer included a Romanian song, “Andrii Popa”, in his live set. Aoki also dropped an UNTOLD premiere production, ‘Won't Forget This Time', a collaboration with John Martin and KAAZE. 

Topic arrived in Cluj-Arena for the first time and immediately said he fell in love with the UNTOLD Festival. The German DJ was amazed to see the fans' excitement as the festival gates opened. “It is the first time I have seen so much passion and joy in my career. People run to the main stage; the audience in Romania is unique; what happens here is unique!”

The first day of the UNTOLD Festival ended at sunrise, alongside KSHMR, on the main stage. Artists from Galaxy, Alchemy, Daydreaming, Fortune, Time, Tram, and Retro stages gathered tens of thousands of fans on the first day of UNTOLD. Borgore rocked the Alchemy stage, while Boris Brejcha, Amelie Lens, Amber Broos, Ann Clue, Kasia, Sara Bluma, and Nusha took the techno fans on a unique journey.


The second day of the festival was an absolute record for UNTOLD. Over 115,000 fans joined the World Capital of Night and Magic, and on the main stage, people saw the superstars from Imagine Dragons for the first time. 

“We are in Romania for the first time; you are an incredible crowd! This evening I just received love from you. Thank you for this journey! (…) the only thing that matters is love; you gave it to us!” said Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons). A unique connection united the fans with Imagine Dragons and their songs. In that world created for 1,5 hours all the barriers between artists and the crowd disappeared. Reynolds' impressive voice brought emotion and authenticity to every piece performed. “Radioactive”, “Demons”, “Enemy”, “Bad Liar”, “Natural”, “Bones”, “Follow You, “Whatever it Takes” or “Walking The Wire” was sung by tens of thousands of people.

Olly Murs played for the first time on the UNTOLD's main stage, and he declared that he is in love with the magic that this festival manages to create and has prepared for tens of thousands of fans a unique live show concept.

Another moment that took the fun on the main stage to another level was Salvatore Ganacci's set. A maverick artist, the Sweden DJ and producer didn't just give the UNTOLD fans one DJ set, it was a visual show with Ganacci's dance moves, and jokes raised roars funny. Alesso and Tujamo enchanted the best crowd in the world with their hits and unique sets prepared for UNTOLD. The techno temple Galaxy stage hosted Claptone's Masquerade show on the second day of the festival, and the party continued with Camelphat, Bedouin, Mathame, and Sublee until late in the morning.


The third day of the UNTOLD realm gathered over 110,000 fans who felt pure joy with Martin Garrix who smashed the main stage with his live set and fantastic energy. With unique remixes made for his UNTOLD show and with newly released productions, Garrix electrified the atmosphere and thanked everyone. During his set, a Romanian guy asked his girlfriend to marry him right in front of the mainstage, and she said, “Yes!”.

The UNTOLD Festival's fans had a blast of a journey with no one other than Eric Prydz on the main stage who played for the first time in Romania. Another premiere for UNTOLD is ZHU, who mesmerized the best crowd in the world with his deep sounds and magical voice. Every single soul from the main stage sang along with the American Artist who played from “Faded” to his newest single “Changes”. 

DJ Bliss, recognized for his innovative contribution to

electronic music in Dubai, played for the first at a European Festival. The artist was impressed by the beautiful energy, the stages that offer a variety of musical genres, and the best crowd in the world.

French Montana, aka Frenchy, aka Macaroni with the Cheese, aka Frenchington, played on the UNTOLD's main stage for the first time and was really impressed saying: “You created a magical atmosphere!”. Thievery Corporation, WizTheMc and B Jones headlined the main stage on the festival's third day.

The Galaxy stage fans enjoyed the special show made by Tale of Us, who brought their unique visuals to the heart of Transylvania. The indoor stage was full of people who lived experiences for a lifetime on the techno played by the fantastic duo Tale of Us. Priku, Charlie, Woo York (Live), and Mihigh enchanted the crowd. 


The festival's eighth edition would not have been legendary without one of the most loved DJs, who has been here since the first edition in 2015; it is Armin van Buuren, one of the most anticipated artists in the UNTOLD story.

Armin returned home in front of tens of thousands of fans who stayed with him until sunrise. For 5 hours, people enjoyed a spectacular live set. Grammy Award winner Sam Martin was one of Armin's surprises. The artist of American origin performed “My Wild Wild Son”, “Miles Away”, and “Mask” live. Israeli artist Noa Zulu seems unreal, perhaps because of her instrument, the didgeridoo, a musical instrument whose sound is produced by the circular breathing technique. This technique generates resonant sounds, and Cluj-Arena experienced a premiere audio experience, a combination of psytrance and this unique instrument, the didgeridoo. The exclusive version of the hit “The Tribe” was another gift from Armin van Buuren and his guest Noa Zulu.

Over 200 fans of the Dutch DJ had the privilege of being on the UNTOLD main stage throughout the set. It was pure excitement, joy, and ecstatic dancing from the first sound to the last one. Armin van Buuren came to Romania accompanied by his wife, Erika.

The last night of the UNTOLD festival was dedicated to the biggest names in the electronic music industry. David Guetta created an incredible show full of emotion, during which he declared his gratitude for the moment he lived on the main stage of the UNTOLD festival. “It's incredible! I have been here since the first edition, I was impressed, but today I live this beautiful madness with you! UNTOLD has grown so much. I love you; I appreciate you, and thank you for being with me tonight,” Guetta said, visibly impressed.

“It's the biggest festival I've been to so far. Romania, you are incredible! UNTOLD, keep doing what you know how to do; I had a lot to learn tonight from you. Thank you!” said FERG, who descended into the crowd to thank them for being with him.

Olly Alexander from Years & Years arrived at UNTOLD for the first time and greeted his fans in Romanian: “Good evening, Cluj! I love you, and thank you!”

One of the last day's DJs, Fedde Le Grand, came to UNTOLD with his wife. The Dutchman made an emotional confession: “Every time I come to UNTOLD, I enjoy this unique connection. This makes the festival extraordinary.”

Each of the four days of the UNTOLD festival was extraordinary for the fans who enjoyed every artist. It was an UNTOLD like no other before. The gates of the UNTOLD universe have closed for the eighth chapter of this magical experience, but the journey continues. UNTOLD fans can register for the 2024 edition at See you in 2024!

Until next time… fans can enjoy the first experience of the UNTOLD Festival in Dubai, where future meets magic. The first edition of Dubai’s First Mega Festival will take place on February 2024. Register on and live the UNTOLD magic in Dubai.

Photos: © Aaron Roberts – (ALR Photography)

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30-day suspension in for wreckless Sameday van driver: Is it enough to deter reckless driving?
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