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Welcome to We’re a website designed to showcase the best of Cluj to the English-Speaking community and we’re looking for local businesses, who want to stand-out and be one of the first places they hear about when learning about our wonderful city.

If you are the owner or manager of a local business, we are offering you a space on our website to tell everyone what you’re all about, and best of all, we’re doing this entirely for free!

Why? Because we believe that the best way to deliver people the best experience of Cluj, is to make sure they have all the right information, and we don’t believe that people should have to pay to access that information! So therefore, we don’t charge for it either!

All we need from you, is a little bit of text about your business and what makes it special, some beautiful photos and the important things, like address, opening hours etc.

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Before you go any further, please take a moment to review the requirements:

As our service is specifically designed to provide rich and reliable information to the English speaking community in Cluj-Napoca, we do have some specific requirements to ensure that we continue providing a consistent and great service for our visitors.

Submitted content must:

  • Be submitted in English
  • Contain a minimum of 250 words
  • Include at least one high-resolution image (1920px horizontally)
  • Be tasteful and not damage any other business / service

Your Business / Organisation must:

  • Be legitimate and registered
  • Correctly Represented and Accurate
  • Accessible to all members of the public
  • Be able to interact / communicate in English

Content must also be in-line with our Community Standards.

Attribution / Compensation for Submitted Materials

Once content has been submitted to, you acknowledge that this information will be made public and give permission for the content to be published on the website. If the content has been obtained from a 3rd party, or has previously been published, you must attribute the relevant author in your text. does not pay for submitted materials, and by submitting your content, you acknowledge that no monetary compensation will be received. Any funds generated through advertising on this website are allocate to If you wish for advertising to not show on your article, contact us directly.

However, it is possible to provide link backs / author bio, in order to ensure that readers are able to identify the publisher and if necessary, make additional contact with the author.

For more information regarding the terms surrounding Community Submitted Content, please see section 6 of our terms and conditions.

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