Tell us Your Story!

It doesn't matter where in the world you are from, we're curious to know what brought you here to Cluj-Napoca and why you've decided to make it your new home.

Did you end up here after studying? Did you hear about all the other major companies opening up offices in the city, and decide to give Cluj a shot? Or maybe you simply fell in love, either with the city or someone special?

Either way, we believe every story is an opportunity for others to learn how awesome it is to live here and find out what it was that made you decide to settle down here and call Cluj-Napoca, “home”.

You can remain Anonymous

We also understand that some stories are very personal, but some people still really want to share them, but prefer to be anonymous. That's totally fine, we respect everyone's right to live a private life, and if you prefer to not have your name included in the post, then we be sure to keep your name out of it.

If you don't mind sharing your name with our readers, then feel free to include some nice photos of your journey along the way!


What should you .

We understand that writing about yourself and telling a story can be quite a challenge. Not every story starts with, “once upon a time…”, and unlike most stories, yours is still be written, even as you read this.

Therefore, to make it easier, we've create a simple form below, which has a bunch of questions, which should help you write a nice story about your journey and how you ended up in Cluj-Napoca!

Alternatively, you can simply write to us directly by emailing [email protected].

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