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If you’re looking to submit content to, you should first read this page in order to understand what we are specifically looking for, and our guidelines.

We are also looking for permanent writers, so if you feel that you meet the criteria, and would like to contribute content on a regular basis, whenever it suits you, we’d love to hear from you!

Types of Content

We are always looking to expand on our subjects, and we are open to lots of different kinds of content. However, we are primarily looking for articles that cover the following:

  • Reviews on Local Businesses (Bars, Restaurants etc.)
  • Tourism and Sightseeing Information
  • Upcoming Event Information
  • Foreign Support Groups / Services
  • Legal Advice / Services
  • Banking / Financial Services
  • Local Authority Information / Services
  • News and Public Affairs
  • Local Charities and Non-Profit Services


As our service is specifically designed to provide rich and reliable information to the English speaking community in Cluj-Napoca, we do have some specific requirements to ensure that we continue providing a consistent and great service for our visitors.

Submitted content must:

  • Be submitted in English
  • Contain a minimum of 450 words
  • Include at least one high-resolution image (2048px horizontally)
  • Be tasteful and not damage the reputation of any other business / service
  • In-line with our Community Standards

How to Submit Content

Submitting your content is easy! Simply complete the form below, and you will be contacted as soon as it has been reviewed by our team!

Note: Please ensure that you provide your document in .doc / .docx format. You may also ZIP the file to include any additional media (e.g. Images). Formatting will be adjusted in order to improve presentability on the website. Images should be high resolution, preferably in a ZIP file.

Once content has been submitted to, you acknowledge that this information will be made public and give permission for the content to be published on the website. If the content has been obtained from a 3rd party, or has previously been published, you must attribute the relevant author in your text. does not pay for submitted materials, and by submitting your content, you acknowledge that no monetary compensation will be received. Any funds generated through advertising on this website are allocate to If you wish for advertising to not show on your article, contact us directly.

However, it is possible to provide link backs / author bio, in order to ensure that readers are able to identify the publisher and if necessary, make additional contact with the author.

For more information regarding the terms surrounding Community Submitted Content, please see section 6 of our terms and conditions.

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