Sports Complex Gheorgheni

Photo: Sport Complex Gheorgheni


modern sports complex in Gheorgheni neighbourhood opened in the presence of local authorities at the end of 2016. The project was funded by the City Hall and the National Investment Company with an aim to create a relaxation area for locals, to support schools running physical exercise classes as part of their curricula and to host national competitions.

Mayor Emil Boc stated: “The citizens’ quality of life is directly linked to accessing leisure facilities where they can spend their free time. Gheorgheni sports centre offers the people of Cluj both an area where children can be initiated in sporting activities they would enjoy and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with their families, exercising in the best conditions.”

Everyone can gain access to the venue, for free, but in order to use the courts you need to create a user account either on the online registration platform, by phone or by going directly to the park. Those who are already a part of the bike sharing community, can use their ‘Cluj Bike’ card to become members of the sports centre. Booking is done for the current and following week, limited by the availability of the courts.

You can play tennis, football or, if you are interested in the playgrounds, there is an adventure park for climbing enthusiasts. Moreover, a 700 m biking lane and paintball area are certain to have huge impact on the public. During the summer, green spaces and the promenade will attract the crowd, while beach volley is also an alternative. Being in good physical shape is crucial later in life, which is why seniors have a training site dedicated to them.


  • Outdoor fields: 3 synthetic mini football pitches, 2 synthetic badminton courts, 3 tennis courts, 2 beach volley sand fields, and 2 basketball courts
  • Indoors: 9-pin bowling lanes, table tennis, conference room
  • Other facilities: exercise area for seniors, parkour track, 400 m running track, speed skating track


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Bistro Napoca is not just a place to order food, it’s a business created with love.
Bistro Napoca is not just a place to order food, it’s a business created with love.
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