In 2009, Amicii Nostri Semper Fidelis was set up by Dora Fodor. After years of hard work and struggles, in 2014 with the help of British born Ann Pursey, the charity ‘Amicii Dog Rescue’ was founded. Since then, a beautiful collaboration between the Romanian NGO and British charity has gone from strength to strength. At any one time, there are approximately 300 dogs in their trusted care. It would be preferable to have fewer dogs, however in recent months there have been some 50 puppies dumped or abandoned at the shelter. An incredible 3000 plus Romanian street dogs have been rehomed in the UK since the charity was founded, and the number continues to rise. Amicii have also rehomed numerous dogs in Germany, Belgium, Holland and also, Romania itself.

Amicii also attend emergency situations, independent from local authorities or the government. With only limited resources, they are working around the clock attending the needs of desperate animals. They are a small team of strong and passionate individuals, made up of people from both Romania and other countries and are fighting desperately to improve, what is considered by man, to be a severe animal rights disaster. Amicii rescue, provide for their dogs and also run a spay and neuter campaign to help minimize unwanted breeding among communities. This is offered totally free of charge to the people, and again, funded solely by donations, most of which are received from the UK.

Amicii not only works with dogs, the charity also in care of/supporting a number of cats, a sheep, a donkey and a horse! In addition to this, Amicii have fundraised and collected donations to help individuals in the local community and continuously make efforts to educate and assist in humanitarian issues and animal care.

Founders of the charity continue try to actively encourage the authorities to implement the current laws in place regarding dog ownership. For example, the law stipulates that all owned dogs must be microchipped and sterilized, however, this is not actively enforced, resulting in a catastrophic knock on effect as many of the puppies left at the shelter, are as a result of owned dogs giving birth puppies, resulting in unwanted and unaffordable animal care.

The goal for Amicii Dog Rescue is to be a driving force in pushing for stricter law enforcement regarding dog ownership. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of compliance, despite the possibility of large fines.

Amicii aim to encourage people to take responsibility, to stand up for the animals and make a difference where they can. There is a huge diffusion of responsibility that is being observed, many people concerned about the stray dog situation but with little action being carried out. There are many ways (big and small) that you can help.


  • Volunteer at the shelter (Please contact for more info)
  • Help us to raise awareness by sharing this article
  • Spread the word about animal rights and animal welfare. In a few instances, you may not be able to rescue a dog you find on the streets, but why not feed or give it some water.
  • Encourage your relatives (especially if living in the rural areas) to have their dogs sterilized to help prevent unwanted puppies

If you would like to organise a collection at your place of work, please get in touch with Mim Gardner and she will arrange to collect these from you when you have finished collecting.

  • Dog food (wet and dry)
  • Dog bowls for food and water (metal is preferable, including old tin saucepans that are no longer of use to you – please don’t throw them out, we would love them!)
  • Hay and straw for the winter
  • Dog kennels
  • Any old blankets, sheets, towels, curtains – they can be used for bedding to keep the puppies warm and clean, to insulate the kennels, to provide shade and to use in the transport crates.
  • Metal dog Crates/cages
  • Toys and treats (Please no raw hide products as these are dangerous and harmful)
  • Money donations
  • Wooden spoons
  • Washing up liquid
  • Black buckets
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Uniassist is a company dedicated to all the foreign students who want to study in Cluj-Napoca: UMF, USAMV, UBB and UT.
Uniassist is a company dedicated to all the foreign students who want to study in Cluj-Napoca: UMF, USAMV, UBB and UT.