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Uniassist is a company dedicated to all the foreign students who want to study in Cluj-Napoca at one of the four best universities.

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At the heart of our company is the passion for human interaction and friendship, which are infused throughout all aspects of our activity. After years of experience, working with students in counselling and real-estate, we have come to a better understanding of their needs and preferences. That is why we want to give a helping hand to all those who really need it. We don’t want to be just a company, we want to be a reliable friend. And, yes, we are dedicated to working together with uncompromising ethics and integrity.


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Finding a home near your school, in Cluj-Napoca, after you have been admitted, is an extremely difficult process. But, as we have a lot of experience, being in real-estate business in Cluj-Napoca for at least 10 years, we are pleased to help you. On our page, dedicated to this field, you’ll find all kind of flats (or even houses with one or more flats), situated near our main universities (UMF, USAMV, UBB or UT), with the necessary details for you.

Remember, we are at your disposal, both to find your desired home and to give you a helping hand in the transaction you are about to make (even if you choose not to do it with our help).

In case you want to benefit from our services, we provide you not only our database, but also a special package of accommodation. Thus, we will provide transportation from the airport to the apartment; Throughout our searches, we will provide you with soft drinks or coffee; We offer you a tour of the city, so you can understand what you need to look for and what suits you in terms of accommodation.

Uniassist can make Cluj-Napoca your home.

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