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Some of the content on may display reviews. These reviews are submitted both by visitors to the website, as well as publishers working with or for

Although reviews are intended to be helpful, it's important to understand, that these are based on personal experiences of the visitor, at the time of publishing the content and do not necessarily reflect conditions afterwards. For this reason, we allow our visitors to also provide reviews, based on the same criteria.

Reviews are designed to provide potential visitors to the venue, with an insight into the general experience offered by the establishment. They do not reflect the actions of any particular individual working at the venue, but the overall experience of each rated metric, as a whole.

We understand, that venues have good days and bad days, and our review system is designed to reflect that as accurately as possible. When reviews are provided by, they are conducted in a “mystery-shopper” kind of fashion, so that treatment of members of our team, is no different to that of any other visitor to the venue.

We also do not accept the adjustment of reviews, unless there is something factually inaccurate which contributes to the scoring criteria. Reviews published by visitors are also subject to the same restrictions, and will be investigated upon request, on a case-by-case basis. Venue owners can submit a request via our feedback page, should they feel that the content is inaccurate, but does not guarantee the removal of ratings or reviews.

Reviews which are considered to be malicious or fraudulent will be removed from the website, and steps taken to prevent the contributor from repeating their actions, however, we cannot guarantee the interception of such actions in advance.

We retain the right to remove the review functionality from a published article, either partially or in full, if we feel that it's necessary to uphold the conditions and expectations of our review feature.

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