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We love hearing about people who have moved to Cluj for various reasons. This story is from someone who moved to Cluj in 2019 from Belgium. They were kind enough to share their experience with our readers and hopefully you find it useful.

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Before we start, please remember that each person is unique and that their experiences are likely different to yours and others. Please always be respectful and use this information as it is intended, for sharing a personal experience, and is not intended to inform or advise people who are considering moving to Cluj-Napoca.

David's Story

How did you hear about Cluj-Napoca?

I visited Romania many times (Bucharest and Timisoara) for business and I wanted to setup our business in Romania as well. Our lawyer and accountancy office advised Cluj because our company is an IT technology company and to be closer to their office.

Why did you move here?

I set up a business here.

We set up the business in Cluj and travelled a lot between Belgium and Cluj in early days. One of the advantages I found in Cluj is the international airport, which easily connects you to both different countries and hubs in Europe and global hubs to fly to other continents. During these early days I started to explore Cluj more and more and we made it our second home. When the pandemic started and travelling was getting more challenging we finally moved and made it our home.

Today we are well settled in our apartment and not planning to leave soon ;)

What do you think of the city?

Cluj is like a “small” city, of course it s big, but it still feels like a small community. There are a lot of nice places to discover, many fine restaurants and places to chill and at all time there is something(s) going on. Cluj and its people are very open and welcoming to foreigners, although language can be a struggle I feel everyone is trying to help. Last but not least : there are soo many things to discover in Cluj.

Have you ever lived in other areas, and why did you decide to stay in Cluj?

Yes, in other countries.

We have always based our location to live on our (potential) business or international projects. This is how we first got in to Romania. What I like a lot in Cluj over the other places is the connection (airport), the quality of living and the weather (real winters and real summers :))

If you compare Cluj to your home town, are there big differences or similarities?

Our home town (Antwerp) is bigger and it s a little bit more international (there are lots of tourist and lots of things going on).

Similarities are that both of the cities are very beautiful and have a lot of traffic (jams).

If you compare Cluj to your home town, are there big differences or similarities, would you recommend living here and why?

Moving here was pretty easy and yes, I would!.

Cluj is a city with a lot of foreigners, and very open to foreigners. It is easy to find accommodation and to get settled. Not to forget it s a beautiful city with a lot of things to do.

If something could be better, what would it be?

Maybe not Cluj related, but paperwork can be a challenge for expats :)

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