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We love hearing about people who have moved to Cluj for various reasons. This story is from someone who moved to Cluj in 2017 from Germany. They were kind enough to share their experience with our readers and hopefully you find it useful.

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Before we start, please remember that each person is unique and that their experiences are likely different to yours and others. Please always be respectful and use this information as it is intended, for sharing a personal experience, and is not intended to inform or advise people who are considering moving to Cluj-Napoca.

Anna's Story

How did you hear about Cluj-Napoca?

My husband and I have worked for Emerson and have traveled to Cluj for business reasons before moving here.

Why did you move here?

Many Reasons!

As a family we wanted to experience living in a different country . Our son was 4 years old at the time when we moved. As we knew Cluj from previous short visits and really enjoyed staying here we decided to take a job opportunity as expatriates.

What do you think of the city?

Our first impression of the city was, its young, vibrant, international, lots of events happening , great with children which was confirmed after we moved.

Have you ever lived in other areas, and why did you decide to stay in Cluj?

Yes, in other countries.

Our families are spread around Europe. The fact that there are direct flights from Cluj to the cities we needed to travel to made our decision easier. Living expenses were much lower compared to the countries we lived previously. We love nature and sports. The outdoor activities in and around Cluj were very appealing to us.

It’s also a city full of history, old buildings and architecture.

If you compare Cluj to your home town, are there big differences or similarities?

I have lived in different places but comparing it to the cities I have lived in for the longest time, Cluj is very different from those places. Similarities might be the international offer in restaurants. Cluj misses a nice shopping street to stroll over. Shopping Malls do not replace the character of a shopping street. Child friendly restaurants can be found but it could be improved. Bicycle roads are now being build but the current situation is still pretty poor. Also behavior by bikers and car drivers in traffic should be better. Bicycles must have lights, bikers should have helmets. The overall safety situation should be considered.

I recommend a better overview of the city’s activities and events. There are great things happening but they are always announced last minute (only on Facebook).

If you compare Cluj to your home town, are there big differences or similarities, would you recommend living here and why?

Moving here was a little difficult and yes, I would!.

It’s a young, vibrant city where ‘everything’ is possible. Outdoor activities in the beautiful nature in and around Cluj are amazing.

I have joined the International Women’s Club immediately after moving to Cluj and the club has helped me to find all required information for settling down, change my car number plate, registering a business, to find friends and visit places based on their experiences and recommendations.

I am honored to be the president of CIWC since September 2020 and pleased to help women and their families to integrate more easily. Every city should have such an association!

If something could be better, what would it be?

Promotion/announcements of events and activities in Romanian and English language!

Paperless administration at official institutions, too much paperwork and old fashioned processes.

Bicycle lanes and safety in traffic.

Less plastic in the overall and around the city.

Garbage and separating system.

Overview of all charity, volunteering, international organizations.

An information office for foreigners to obtain information when trying to settle in Cluj.

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