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My name is Aaron Roberts and I'm the founder of ClujXYZ.com. I've lived in Cluj-Napoca since 2014 and must say, I absolutely love this city! I'm also a photographer and share my love of the world through my lens! There are many reasons as to why I've decided to set up this website, but it's mainly to ensure that everyone who visits Cluj can get all of the information they need, and in English! Thanks for taking the time to view my articles and I hope they've been helpful!
Simona Halep and Toni Iuruc

Simona Halep getting Married

The 29 year old Romanian tennis champion, Simona Halep and her partner, 43 year old Toni Iuruc, an Aromanian millionaire, are getting married on September 15th 2021 in Mamaia, Constanța.

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